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Web Design

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How I work

Each and every web designer have their own special methods and signatures of work. I too do the things my way: I almost use Wordpress as content manager exclusively. Using Wordpress opens the doors to an ocean of plug-ins which in turn can turn your website into a powerhouse.

CMS: Wordpress

Wordpress is the most popular content management and used by 40.4% of all websites on the internet.

Multi user websites

If it is neccessary there will be more than one admin and the rules will be defined with different level of accessibility.

Mobile View

Websites will have responsive design which means they will be suitable for mobile phone and tablet as well as personal computer.

Premium Plug-in

Using premium plug-ins means the website will function at a different level.

My Clients

Throughout my career as a freelance web designer I did many websites at different levels, commercial and personal, blogs and other web pages and… Some of the websites were closed down due to various reasons and are not online anymore but some others are still online and available today.


Use the this form to contat me and ask your questions. Use the links below to find my profiles on social medias and other webpages.